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  • Up-convert DVD video to Full-HD 1080p with fine detail
  • Enjoy smooth, detailed video from virtually any DVD
  • Hear superior audio from DVDs/CDs with Dolby??Digital sound
  • View content from USB memory devices
  • 1080p Up-ConversionCreate Smooth High-resolution Images 1080p Up-Conversion raises image quality by correcting, in pixel units, the brightness signals of images in recorded content, DVD movies, and other media. Clear, Beautiful Pictures This high-speed, high-precision circuit converts DVD video signals using 4-times oversampling for progressive scan playback and 8-times oversampling for interlace scan playback. The high-density conversion process results in clear, beautiful pictures with high resolution and high S/N ratio.
    Power Resume – Resume DVD Even After a Power FailureYou can resume DVD from where it?s stopped even after a power failure.

    • *There may be about a 10s difference from the actual point where the power was cut off. The power resume feature automatically creates and stores the chapter mark on certain intervals during playback of the contents in order to playback from the latest chapter marked when resumed from power supply problems. Please kindly note this feature does not playback from the exact scene which was interrupted upon power supply problems.

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